Natural Pain Relief for Hip Arthritis…



HipTrac is an innovative, pneumatic medical device that provides hip pain treatment at home in an easy to use, comfortable and effective manner. It replicates traction therapy that would be provided in a clinic by a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath providing natural pain relief for hip pain.

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Support Legs

The support legs can be locked into 3 different angles of 10, 20, or 30 degrees of flexion depending on comfort and instruction by your health care provider.

Product demonstrations available on request.


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Hand Pump & Gauge

The hand pump adjusts the force of the traction delivered. The gauge indicates the amount of force being delivered to your hip.

Product demonstrations available on request.


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The bindings are easy to put on and comfortably connects your leg to the HipTrac. It has a hook on the back that locks into one of the openings on the slide carriage.

Product demonstrations available on request.


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Foam Pad

The foam pad is placed at the end of the HipTrac between your buttocks and the device. It takes the pressure off of your sit bone (ischial tuberosity) as you traction your hip.

Product demonstrations available on request.


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Outer Slide Carriage

The slide carriage has multiple openings for which the binding hook locks into depending on your leg length. The slide carriage will move away from your body as you use the hand pump.

Product demonstrations available on request.
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Improved Mobility

HipTrac reduces pain and improves your range of motion allowing you to get back on your feet and stay mobile.


Researched Technique

Hip Traction is a reliable and well researched technique that's been used by manual therapists for over 100 years.

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Pain Relief

HipTrac targets pain relief directly at the hip joint helping patients to relieve pain naturally and keep moving.

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Improved Quality of Life

HipTrac helps to improve your quality of life by providing you with a portable therapy unit allowing you to administer natural pain relief at the moment you need it.

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Sleep Easily

By relieving pain, Hiptrac allows you to get a good nights sleep, which in turn helps the body to heal naturally.

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Drug Free

HipTrac provides natural pain relief targeted at the hip joint. Meaning no side-effects and drug free treatment.

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Trusted Product

Many HipTrac users can testify to the benefits of HipTrac and further medical research is planned for the HipTrac device.

Success Stories


“I started using the HipTrac and noticed a very quick improvement in my gait pattern and pain reduction. I used the device every day for one week, then alternate days the following week. I now use the HipTrac 3 times a week. I find that if I stop using the deveice my hip begins to tighten again so I see this as on-going therapy. I wish I had known about HipTrac 2-years ago when my symptoms started.”

Stuart Cosgrove (54)

– Physiotherapist, Former Mr Britain

"I am delighted that I purchased the HipTrac and feel it has aided my recovery from my hip arthroscopy. It is straightforward to use, I can store it easily behind my sofa, and I will continue to incorporate it into my weekly routine."

Gill Hutley (42)

– Hertfordshire

“The HipTrac has made a huge improvement to the quality of my life, both physically and mentally. It has allowed me to return to competitive cycling which I thought wouldn’t be possible.

HipTrac have been fantastic, offering not just technical support with the product, but help and advice on managing the condition from mobility to nutrition.”

Rick Clarkson (37)

– Stockport