The HipTrac is a safe and easy to use hip traction device that provides numerous benefits for patients suffering from hip pain. By replicating clinical techniques the HipTrac is able to reduce pain whilst improving mobility and range of motion in the hip joint. Learn more about the individual benefits of HipTrac below.

HipTrac Benefits

The HipTrac device allows you to administer pain relief by replicating the long axis hip traction technique provided by manual therapists. Read more

The HipTrac improves the range of motion in the hip joint allowing you to get back on your feet and stay mobile. Read more

The HipTrac provides effective, natural pain relief focused on the hip joint with no side-effects or risk of addiction. Read more

The HipTrac is an FDA cleared product with plans for further research to assess the long term benefits. Read more

By relieving pain, the HipTrac allows you to rest with less discomfort and experience a better night's sleep. Read more

The HipTrac improves your quality of life by providing you with natural pain relief and increased range of motion. Read more

The HipTrac aids in the rehabilitation process after hip preservation surgery, helping you to get back on your feet faster. Read more