Improved Mobility

Benefits – Improved Mobility

We all strive for a healthy lifestyle but when your movement becomes painful and impaired it can be difficult to stay active.

Osteoarthritis affects millions of people worldwide making it the most widespread musculoskeletal disability. For patients that suffer with Hip Arthritis, exercise and daily routines can become a chore if movement becomes restricted and painful.

When diagnosed with hip arthritis, it can be devastating. You’re unable to participate in your favourite activities, you can’t walk or stand still for a long time without pain and you’ll eventually need total hip replacement surgery. You’re told you’re supposed to exercise and maintain strength in order to stabilise the degeneration but the pain and loss of flexibility can be severe.

Most patients find it difficult to follow the prescribed exercise programs due to joint restriction and chronic pain. However, there are widely accepted musculoskeletal technique that can be used to manipulate the soft tissues around the joints to relieve hip pain and increase the range of motion.

The HipTrac is an innovative device that delivers this treatment in an easy to use, comfortable and effective manner. The HipTrac uses long axis traction therapy to specifically target the capsular restriction, resulting in pain relief and increased mobility.

Once mobility is overcome patients reduce the risk of co-morbities including, depression, obesity and heart disease. Patients that use the HipTrac regularly are able to exercise effectively, and get back to their everyday lives with pain and lack of movement becoming less of an issue. Are you ready to get your life back?

HipTrac is an FDA cleared medical device. We always recommend that you follow the direction of your health care provider.


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