Dr Rocklin – Self management for hip pain

In this podcast you can see Dr Tony Rocklin (inventor of the HipTrac) being interviewed by Benoy Mathew of Function2Fitness. Two physiotherapists with expertise in helping individuals with hip pain improve the quality of their life. For whatever reason if you are not ready for hip replacement surgery then this is a must listen for …

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Manual therapy – part 2

This podcast is the second part of a two part series on manual therapy. In this part we look at the importance of manual therapy for helping to maintain hip health when the odds are stacked against you. If you want to learn how to help yourself as best you can then listen and enjoy.

Manual therapy – part 1

Manual therapy can play an important role in self management for hip pain and lots of other conditions that require long-term management. We will cover manual therapy in two parts and in this first part we talk about how your beliefs impact on success with manual therapy or any other strategy’s you employ.

Movement and pain

Keeping moving is really important for helping to manage pain as well being great for all round general health. Pain can limit your movement but movement can help to limit your pain. In this podcast, the fourth in the series, we introduce the concepts of movement therapy, exercise therapy and manual therapy. Learn a little more …

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Hips, pain and sleep

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” You cannot live without it and you cannot thrive without it. Good quality sleep can help you in so many ways and if you are not getting enough it will increase the pain you feel. In this the podcast, the …

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Food for pain

This is the second podcast in a series on self-management for hip pain. In this podcast we discuss how our eating habits may be impacting on the levels of pain we feel. This one is not exclusively for the hip or indeed for those in pain. Food is universal. So have a listen, enjoy and …

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Self-management for hip pain

Welcome to HipTrac UK’s podcast. In this podcast we will be discussing issues around hip pain with particular attention being paid to ways of managing pain. Although the primary focus is given to the hip you may find some of the more general information useful for managing pain in other areas of the body. Please …

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HipTrac UK talks with Strength Physio

I was fortunate to spend some time speaking with Chris Lendrum from Strength Physio. We discussed the reason for, and benefits, of HipTrac. It was enjoyable spending time with a progressive and forward thinking physiotherapist who practices manual therapy and has a flexible patient centred approach. Listen, enjoy and share. Thank you. HipTrac – StrengthPhysio …

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