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The HipTrac is an FDA approved medical device that provides long axis hip traction therapy for patients suffering from hip pain.

Hip traction, is not a new concept. Health care practitioners have performed manual traction to the hip joint as part of the treatment for hip pain and osteoarthritis for over a century. It is an evidence based and universally accepted form of manual therapy that physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and medical physicians recommend or rely on.

The HipTrac, will under go further research in the future to assess the long-term benefits of using the device as a conservative treatment for patients suffering from degenerative arthritis. The HipTrac does not aim to cure arthritis or eliminate the need for surgical intervention. The hip joint will inevitably continue to degenerate, no matter what treatment is provided. However, by reducing pain and increasing the range of motion, the HipTrac aims to help patients enjoy an improved quality of life and slow the process of degeneration.

HipTrac is an FDA cleared medical device. We always recommend that you follow the direction of your health care provider.


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