Fancy pulling your leg?

Fancy pulling your leg?

Long axis traction is a go to technique for therapists of all types for individuals with long-term hip pain. Many who have experienced this technique will testify to the pain relief it provides and the comfort it can bring.


However if you have never experienced long axis traction how do you know it is going to work for you?


Mike Walden, owner and creator of, former Sports Therapist, Decathlete and enthusiastic fell runner had exactly the same question. After years of putting his body through the mill he now has hip pain and wanted to try HipTrac to see what it could do for him. Mike, like so many other people, was pleasantly surprised at how effective HipTrac was for him. Read his story here.


If you want to try HipTrac it’s easier than you think. Click the link to find out how you too can try the HipTrac. Info for a HipTrac trial.

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