Hip Arthritis Treatment – Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies

There are no treatments that have been proven to cure Osteoarthritis, however, there are a number of treatments available to help patients to deal with the symptoms and live a healthy and active life style.


As Hip Arthritis is an inflammatory condition what we eat can play a major role exacerbating or soothing the condition. Eating food or drink that contains high levels of sugar and saturated fats can increase inflammation. Being mindful of what you eat and eating anti-inflammatory foods such as foods containing whole grains or omega-3 fatty acids can help to relieve the symptoms of inflammation. Making simple changes and cutting back on foods that encourage inflammation in the body can help to relieve your condition.


Supplements are regarded as foods as medicine. They are sometimes used as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and claim to offer the same or improved benefits without the same degree of or no side-effects. There is some controversy around the use of supplements and the efficacy of the products. Supplements are a part of mainstream methods used by individuals as they are widely available in shops and online.

Supplements to help relieve arthritis fall into two main categories. Products that claim to help protect cartilage from degeneration and products that claim to reduce inflammation and pain. There are many products available and the amount and quality of studies that support claims made is the main point of contention. That said there are many users of supplements that advise of improvement in the symptoms of arthritis while taking supplements and studies that support the claim.

For individuals who are inclined to take supplements it is advisable to seek advice from a nutritional therapist and to see if there is any research to support the claims of the company providing the product.


The pain from Arthritis is one of the most difficult things to manage. The pain experienced is generated and happens in the mind. Little comfort and consolation to someone feeling extreme pain in a hip joint or anywhere else in the body, but it is a fact.

Many people have successfully used meditation techniques to help reduce the levels of pain they feel. Meditation can help reduce stress levels, relax the muscles and calm the mind. All things that can help in reducing pain.