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When you suffer from pain it gets in the way of your life and stops you from doing the things you love. This can take a physical and emotional toll, leading to a worsening in pain and an increased risk in developing further conditions.

Osteo Arthritis is one of the most prevalent musculoskeletal disabilities in the western world, with millions of patients experiencing chronic pain as a result of their condition. Being diagnosed with hip arthritis in particular can be devastating. A patient will be told that they can no longer participate in their favourite activities, eventually they will need total hip replacement surgery and there is no cure.

This is a scenario that millions of people worldwide are facing. There is no cure for hip arthritis, but the good news is that the painful symptoms and secondary effects can be treated.

If you’re suffering from hip pain, then we can help you to manage the pain and keep in control of your condition.

The HipTrac is an innovative solution, which provides safe and effective hip pain relief that helps the patient to manage their condition and get back to doing the things they love. By using the HipTrac, patients can administer long axis traction therapy and help to deal with symptoms such as tightening of the joint capsule, weakness of supporting musculature, pain through weight bearing or stiffness from sitting too long. By specifically targeting the hip joint, the HipTrac mimics the conservative treatment offered by a medical practitioner with no effort and for a sustained period of time. This treatment is widely accepted to relieve pain and help to conserve the hip joint, decreasing the need for medication and helping to improve functionality resulting in an improved quality of life.

HipTrac is an FDA cleared medical device. We always recommend that you follow the direction of your health care provider.


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