How do you know if HipTrac is for you? Why not have a trial rental for a couple of months and see how you get on?

A trial can be useful as although many individuals can quickly see the benefits regularly hip traction brings to their life some individuals require a cumulative effect of regular traction to feel the benefit. HipTrac UK provides a service to support you through this period.

What Happens at the end of the trial?

  • If you want to keep and own the HipTrac you can pay the balance of the purchase price and the device is yours.
  • If it suits your circumstances you can continue to rent for as long as you need.
  • If HipTrac is not for you we will arrange collection of the device.

What support is available during the trial?

  • Access to online videos – How to use the device
  • Up to 1 hour phone or video call induction talking you through how to get the best out of using the device
  • E-mail support for all queries and advice on HipTrac protocols
  • Telephone support
  • Return – Organised by HipTrac UK

Can I try HipTrac before I decide to rent?

A demonstration and one off trial can be arranged. This demonstration is for individuals who would like to experience and feel the sensation of long axis traction using the HipTrac. One off personal demonstrations at your home or at your manual therapists is chargeable.

How much does a trial rental cost?

We recommend a trial rental period of two months. The minimum trial rental period is one month.

  • Monthly rental – £90 per month

  • Deposit – 1 month rental (refundable upon safe receipt of the HipTrac device)
  • One off demonstration – minimum £75 including travel (may be more dependent on location)

  • Delivery and return fee dependent on location
  • Willing to travel – Demonstration free of charge


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Support Legs

The support legs can be locked into 3 different angles of 10, 20, or 30 degrees of flexion depending on comfort and instruction by your health care provider.

Product demonstrations available on request.


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Hand Pump & Gauge

The hand pump adjusts the force of the traction delivered. The gauge indicates the amount of force being delivered to your hip.

Product demonstrations available on request.


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The bindings are easy to put on and comfortably connects your leg to the HipTrac. It has a hook on the back that locks into one of the openings on the slide carriage.

Product demonstrations available on request.


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Foam Pad

The foam pad is placed at the end of the HipTrac between your buttocks and the device. It takes the pressure off of your sit bone (ischial tuberosity) as you traction your hip.

Product demonstrations available on request.


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Outer Slide Carriage

The slide carriage has multiple openings for which the binding hook locks into depending on your leg length. The slide carriage will move away from your body as you use the hand pump.

Product demonstrations available on request.

Product demonstrations available on request.