How it works

How it works

The HipTrac works by imitating long axis traction provided by manual therapists. A technique used to relieve pain in the hip joint by distracting the hip, allowing the joint capsule to stretch and decrease intra-articular pressure. This technique is used due to the immediate pain relief and specific targeting of the affected area.

The HipTrac allows a patient to easily and independently mimic this technique by using the equipment to administer controlled traction therapy to displace the hip joint whenever they feel stiffness or pain. In the same way as manual traction, this results in an immediate decrease in pain and begins the process of increasing hip joint capsule extensibility, leading to increased range of motion and relaxation of surrounding muscles.

The HipTrac focuses on long axis traction because of the immediate benefits in pain relief and general capsular stretching. It is important to note, however, that the HipTrac does not replace the need for a manual practitioner. The greatest benefit comes from long axis traction therapy combined with joint and soft tissue manipulations and moderate exercise.

How to use it

Setting up and using the HipTrac is simple. You can use the device on the floor or if you find it difficult getting down on the floor you can use it on your bed.

First, tightly secure the bindings to the ankle and knee before attaching to the slide carriage. On the HipTrac, make sure that the air is depressed all of the way out of the cylinder so that the track is down as far as possible.


Before strapping into the device, lift the upper side and use the support legs to angle the HipTrac at the angle instructed by your health care provider. Then place the foam pad between your buttock and the device.

To get into position, move your body up against the pad keeping the pad pressed against the base of the HipTrac. Using the hook, lift up your leg and attach your foot onto the highest hole that you can secure onto. Allow your leg to relax and either rotate your hip slightly to allow for abduction or leave your body straight against the device, depending on your preference.

In order to initiate the traction therapy use the hand pump provided to move the slide carriage away from your body and displace the hip joint. Once you reach the desired intensity, hold it at this point for between 1 and 2 minutes and then release half way using the button in the hand pump. Repeat this process the desired number of times before releasing your leg completely.

HipTrac is an FDA cleared medical device, if you’re working with a health care provider, always follow their prescribed protocol.