About HipTrac


The HipTrac is a pneumatic medical device that provides hip traction at home in an easy to use, comfortable, and effective manner. It replicates manual long axis traction that would be provided to you in a clinic by a physiotherapist, physician, or chiropractor.

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How HipTrac Works

By specifically targeting the hip joint, the HipTrac mimics the conservative treatment offered by a medical practitioner with no effort and for a sustained period of time.

This technique, known as long axis traction therapy, immediately decreases pain and increases hip joint capsule extensibility, leading to decreased joint pressure, increased range of motion, and relaxation of surrounding muscles. This treatment is proven to relieve pain and help to conserve the hip joint, decreasing the need for medication and helping to improve functionality resulting in an improved quality of life.

Product Development

Hiptrac was developed in the USA by inventor Dr. Rocklin and his company, Medrock inc. In 2012 the HipTrac became FDA cleared and will also be under going further research in future to assess the long-term benefits.