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Benefits – Improved Quality of Life

Pain and loss of movement can prevent you from keeping active and performing simple daily tasks. This impacts your quality of life and can leave you feeling powerless and dependent on others.

Constant pain and reduced movement are two of the symptoms experienced by people suffering from Hip Arthritis. This has a negative effect on a patients quality of life, resulting in inactivity and a worsening of the Arthritic symptoms.

Remaining fit and healthy is key to combating the deteriorative affects of Hip Arthritis. But when it’s difficult and painful to move, let alone exercise, it’s not easy to stay active and maintain your lifestyle.

The HipTrac specifically targets the hip joint and reduces the symptoms of Hip Arthritis. This helps to relieve pain, increase range of motion and improve mobility.

The device is designed to be convenient and portable, allowing you to take control and administer therapy independently. Using the HipTrac regularly helps you to regain the lifestyle you desire and the level of activity you need to stay fit and healthy.

HipTrac is an FDA cleared medical device. We always recommend that you follow the direction of your health care provider.


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