Rehabilitation – Time Line

Time Line

The time line for recovery varies from individual depending on his or her particular pathology and the physical condition and strength prior to surgery. Typical times for recovery from surgery for arthroscopic and open surgery is 3 to 4 months. Your medical provider will provide you with rehabilitation program that meets your individual needs. In general the program will cover four phases each with a specific intention and goal.

Phase 1 – Immediate Rehabilitation

The intention here is protect the area operated so care is essential and sometimes walking aids are used to minimise or eliminate weight through the joint.

Gentle exercises are performed to start restoring range of motion, easing tightness and pain and preventing muscle atrophy.

Phase 2 – Intermediate

Continue to protect the area operated on while progressing exercises to restore full range of motion. Returning to a normal walking gait and increasing muscle strength is the intention of this phase.

Phase 3 – Advanced

Exercises that build muscular strength, endurance and general fitness toward pre-operation levels is the intention here. Work on restoring balance and body control is undertaken in this phase.

Phase 4 – Sport specific

For sports people and athletes that have a very specific performance target there will be a phase 4 where they will start to undertake sport specific exercises and drills if they are able to do them pain free.