Success Stories


“The HipTrac has made a huge improvement to the quality of my life, both physically and mentally. It has allowed me to return to competitive cycling which I thought wouldn’t be possible.

HipTrac have been fantastic, offering not just technical support with the product, but help and advice on managing the condition from mobility to nutrition.”

Rick Clarkson (37)

– Stockport

“I have unilateral femero-acetabuler impingement. Used regularly HipTrac has reduced my pain and increased my range of movement. It has also allowed me to deepen my yoga practice leading to further benefits in pain reduction.

HipTrac were very helpful throughout the process of getting started with the HipTrac.”

Stephen (52)

– Osteopath, Walthamstow

“After using HipTrac for a number of weeks I am finally off my crutches and getting back to a better quality of life. It has been extremely easy to use and has made an immense difference to the hip tightness and pain I was suffering. I have a better range of motion and have been able to decrease my physio sessions and maintain a pain free hip. I am now able to sleep and I am slowly getting back to normal life after two and a half years of a tight hip.”

Penny (45)

– Hertfordshire

“I started using the HipTrac and noticed a very quick improvement in my gait pattern and pain reduction. I used the device every day for one week, then alternate days the following week. I now use the HipTrac 3 times a week. I find that if I stop using the deveice my hip begins to tighten again so I see this as on-going therapy. I wish I had known about HipTrac 2-years ago when my symptoms started.”

Stuart Cosgrove (54)

– Physiotherapist, Former Mr Britain

“In 2013 I held 3 World sprint titles as an M40 – Masters Track & Field Athlete. Unfortunately after over 20 years of competing in Track & Field my passion came to an abrupt halt when I started to suffer with pain in my right hip. Following MRI and CT scans I was diagnosed with FAI and arthritis in my right and left hip. As a remedial massage therapist I was familiar with the technique of long axis hip traction. I assumed that there would be a device that would be able to help me administer this technique myself and started searching for a device that would help me. Fortunately I found the HipTrac.

Since 2013 I have undergone two hip preservation surgical procedures (right and left hip). Over the last two years I have used my HipTrac pre-operatively, during both of my extensive rehabilitation periods and now on a continual basis to help manage my hip pain and mobility. After patiently rehabilitating twice I am now able continue to take part in the sport I love as an M45. Following the two year enforced break in March 2015 I returned to International Masters competition winning the silver medal at the European Indoors Masters Championship in the 60m.”

Mark Dunwell (45)

– Masters Athlete

“I find using the HipTrac extremely useful, and am now managing to incorporate the HipTrac into my routine which also includes regular physio exercises. I experimented using the HipTrac in various positions (with guidance from HipTrac’s protocols and after a 1:1 demonstration) and now have found one or two positions that are best for me. At the moment I use the HipTrac about 3 times a week for about half an hour at a time – it feels great when I use it and I feel some relief from pain instantly. I also find that my residual pain reduces – sometimes straight away, but more often, the next day. I am delighted that I purchased a HipTrac and feel it has aided my recovery from my hip arthroscopy. It is straightforward to use, I can store it easily behind my sofa, and I will continue to incorporate it into my weekly routine.”

Gill Hutley (42)

– Hertfordshire

“Tony, Congratulations on the development of a product whose efficiency is matched by its ease of use. Finally a void is filled for those suffering with osteoarthritis of the hip. The very first patient I tried the hiptrac on purchased the device.

I have found the HipTrac to be indispensable to my clinic and would highly recommend it to anybody requiring symptomatic relief of hip pain.”

Dr Gary Jansen, D.C.

– Chiropractor

“About three months ago I was faced with the prospect of needing a hip replacement. Because of my schedule I did not want to do this at this time- so began my search on the internet for options that would delay the need. That’s when I discovered…HipTrac. Their customer service diligently worked with me to find one that would work for my size… since I am short-waisted. I highly recommend this device if you have osteoarthritis of the hip and are looking for pain relief and better mobility.”

Arlene L