for Therapists

HipTrac is the only innovative Hip Traction Device that delivers the same long axis traction a patient would receive from a musculoskeletal therapist. HipTrac delivers consistent, repeatable traction forces that are sustainable for longer periods of time than can be administered manually. HipTrac can be used in conjunction with other manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises to maximise hip mobility and reduce pain.

It stretches and mobilises the hip joint capsule, decreases intra-articular pressure in the joint, relaxes muscles around the hip and lumbopelvic region, increases the bathing of nutrient-rich fluids around the femoral head and acetabulum.

  • Benefits for your patients

  • HipTrac Research Summary
  • Increased mobility and range of motion
  • Increased exercise tolerance to improve biomechanics, strength, mobility, cardiovascular health and weight loss
  • Reduce the risk of co-morbidities due to inactivity related to progressive osteoarthritis
  • Increased functionality and higher quality of life
  • Benefits for the practice

  • Less physical exertion for the therapist compared to manual long axis traction
  • Create new referrals – Happy patients tell their friends
  • Option to rent and long-term patient option of selling HipTrac for home use
  • Easy, safe and scalable way to generate a new source of revenue for your practice

By working with HipTrac, your patients with hip arthritis can now easily and safely receive long axis traction at home helping them regain a much improved quality of life through less pain and greater mobility.